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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I have to worry about color bleeding when I wash them?

 A. Each item goes through a rigorous finishing protocol. Once done batching, it is rinsed in cold water until it runs clear. Rinsing is repeated with warm water until it runs clear. Then it is laundered in a hot water wash/cold water rinse until the rinse water runs clear. This typically takes 2-3 complete wash cycles.

Q. Will my item shrink?

 A. The short answer is No! The long answer is that we use 100% cotton shirts, so there is shrinkage that occurs during the dye process. Once that process is complete, it will simply be a pre-shrunk shirt. If you like a loose fit, we do recommend that you size up. 

Q. Are your shirts unisex or specific women's style cut?

A. Most shirts are unisex unless otherwise specified. 

Q. I'm local. Can I pick up my order?

A. Yes. Orders must be picked up within 24 hours of order completion.

Q. How fast do you ship?

A. Orders received by 4 pm will be shipped same day. Otherwise, the next business day. 

Q. Do you do custom orders?

A. Yes, however we only take a very limited number each month. 

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